About me

Hello, world! I am a first year Ph.D. student at UC Riverside, fortunately advised by Prof. Zhaowei Tan. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from SUSTech. During my undergraduate study, I worked with the Mobile Computing and Smart Sensing LAB led by Prof. Jin Zhang. My research interest lies in IoT, networked system, and edge computing. Connecting everything is cool, init?


SphericalTrack: Angle-based Compact 3D Motion Tracking System Using Acoustic Signal Demo

IMU-based Smart Water Bottle Demo


CS305: Computer Networking, SUSTech, FA22, Teaching Assistant Project

CS202: Computer Architecture, SUSTech, SP23, Teaching Assitant


Like basketball and swimming.

Very much into photography and videomaking.

Also passionate about languages and linguistics. Now speak:

  • Chinese Mandarin (Native)
  • English (Professional working proficiency)
  • Cantonese (Daily use proficiency)
  • Japanese (Elementary proficiency)
  • French (Beginner)